Birkhoff (played by Aaron Stanford) being brought to a CIA interrogation room by Ryan's (played by Noah Bean) team

Rewatching ‘Nikita’: “Free”

The first time I watched Nikita, it’d already gone off the air. But I distinctly remember seeing the promos when I watched Smallville. So when I saw it in my Netflix recommendations, I knew I had to watch it. It’s been a while since then so I decided why not rewatch it? So now I’m binging the show from the beginning all over again. Last time, I watched the 11th episode so now I’m onto the 12th episode of Nikita.


Birkhoff (played by Aaron Stanford) looking at Alex (played by Lyndsy Fonseca) waking up after Division implanted a tracker/kill chip
  • Well, that was a fun nightmare to start the episode with.
  • I forgot about these “agent trackers”.
  • Jaden really had to just throw something in her face at the last minute.
  • It’s nice that Division gave Alex her first car. I wonder if the show got some kind of sponsorship for this car.
  • Nikita already knows it’s not just a tracker. It’s a kill chip. That’ll make things harder.

Nikita Gets Ryan’s Help

Ryan (played by Noah Bean) talking to Nikita (played by Maggie Q)
  • I love Nikita’s sarcasm. It’s a nice little reprieve from the rest of the drama.
  • Did Ryan really think Nikita was dead? It’s Nikita.
  • If I were Ryan, I too would want to know more than what Nikita’s giving him.
  • It’s smart to go after Birkhoff, but Division’s gotta have something in place to get him out of there pretty quickly.
  • Birkhoff’s probably the only person who would set up a security system in place like that.
  • Of course, Nikita has to be there.
  • I completely forgot about this random kiss scene between the two after everything with Birkhoff goes down. It felt weird considering we’re all rooting for Michael and Nikita. Plus, nothing even remotely romantic happens between them later either.
  • “Because Ryan Fletcher, I’m gonna make you a hero,” – he really does become a hero later (cue me internally sobbing because I remember what happens to him in the end).

Alex’s New Life on the Outside

Michael (played by Shane West) watching Alex (played by Lyndsy Fonseca) look at her new apartment
  • The actress that plays the young Alex is great. Not just in this episode but also in future episodes because I believe they still use the same actress later as well.
  • Alex really doesn’t know how to grocery shop. Who needs that much mayonnaise?
  • I don’t remember much about Alex’s neighbor, Nathan, other than the fact that they hook up later.
  • Even Alex knows Nikita’s hiding something.
  • That’s kind of nice that Alex just wants to go to the party now that she’s not in Divison anymore.
  • If Alex attacks everyone like that, she won’t keep her cover for long.
  • Nathan seems like a nice guy.

Ryan and Nikita Catch Birkhoff

Birkhoff (played by Aaron Stanford) sitting in an interrogation room after Ryan's (played by Noah Bean) (not pictured) team captures him
  • Those ski masks do look like they’d be hard to breathe in.
  • Leave it to Birkhoff to act all smug. And ask for an energy drink of all things.
  • It didn’t take long for Michael and Percy back at Divison to notice Birkhoff’s gone.
  • Nikita knew all along that Ryan wouldn’t be enough to scare Birkhoff. But Nikita just showing up seems like enough to scare him.
  • I think, if this episode shows us anything about Division, it’s that they hold plenty of power. I mean, they have higher clearance than the CIA.
  • And here comes Michael.
  • Michael and Nikita’s fight scenes are the best fight scenes, in my opinion.
  • And it’s no surprise Nikita gets away again.
  • Ryan’s in trouble. But we all knew he would be, him included.

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