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Grey’s Anatomy: ‘When I Get to the Border’ Review

On Thursday night, a new episode of Grey’s Anatomy aired, featuring the second return of Dr. Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh). You can probably just bank on me only reviewing Grey’s when Addison’s on the show because if it weren’t already obvious, she’s my favorite. So, naturally, the last time I reviewed the show was her last episode, the third episode from this current season.

This time around, Bailey and Addison road trip to a family planning center in Pullman. And they end up trying to help a patient in the car in an emergency. Meanwhile, Meredith takes Zola to Boston to visit a school to better fit her needs. And back in Seattle, Amelia finds out what the interns think of her and Lucas’s relationship.

Meredith and Zola in Boston

Still of Zola (played by Aniela Gumbs) sitting across the booth frim Meredith (playd by Ellen Pompeo) in a restaurant from Grey's Anatomy 19x05

After discovering Zola’s giftedness, Meredith takes her to a school in Boston that specializes in helping gifted kids. While Zola’s in school, Meredith visits Jackson, and they talk about how she wants to cure Alzheimer’s. Meredith thinks she’s crazy, but Jackson tells her maybe it’s not so crazy. I mean, she and Derek did work on the clinical trial, trying to do the same thing. So, naturally, Jackson offers her a job. Also, we find out about Catherine’s tumor and that she isn’t still in remission from her cancer. But she also refuses to do chemo and won’t tell her family about it. So, Catherine may not be on the show for much longer.

As for Meredith, she wants the best for Zola, but she’s not sure what that means yet. Luckily, Zola loves the new school she went to. And wants to join robotics and orchestra when they move. I’m glad Zola found a place where she’s already made friends and where she can really thrive. But Meredith already decides that they’re going to move to Boston, with zero input from her other kids. I love Zola, but Meredith does have two other kids. And neither Meredith nor Zola asked either of them what they thought about moving to Boston.

Lucas and Amelia

Still of Amelia (played by Caterina Scorsone) handing off baby Scout (played by either Ryden Murphy or Ryker Murphy) to Lucas (played by Niko Terho) from Grey's Anatomy 19x05

In Seattle, Amelia gets Lucas to take Scout to daycare because she has an emergency surgery to get to. Lucas, however, is trying to do everything possible to prevent the other interns from finding out that he’s a Shepherd. And he succeeds. Unfortunately, the interns think that Amelia and Lucas are sleeping together. When Amelia eventually finds this out, she isn’t happy about it, understandably. But Lucas still doesn’t want to tell the other interns the truth. Apparently, he feels like he’s a letdown to the Shepherd name, and doesn’t want to be treated differently because of it.

While I get where Lucas is coming from, it’s not just about his reputation. It’s Amelia’s as well. After the interns assumed they were sleeping together, Kwan basically propositions her for sexual favors in exchange for time in the OR. At first, Amelia thought Lucas told everyone. But before Amelia blurts it out, Lucas whisks her away and tells her the truth. And later, Amelia was right to tell him he needed to fix this.

Bailey and Addison

Still of Bailey (played by Chandra Wilson) and Addison (played by Kate Walsh) talking to Cynthia (played by Laura Niemi) at the family center in Pullman from Grey's Anatomy 19x05

Meanwhile, Bailey and Addison drive to Pullman to meet with Bailey’s old college roommate at a family planning center that she runs. There, they encounter anti-abortion protestors, but they choose to carry on and help at the clinic. Then, they go back on the road to pick up a pregnant patient with a rare ectopic pregnancy where the fetus attached to her cesarian scar. The patient, Susan, is waiting in the parking lot of her OB’s office in Idaho because her car apparently wouldn’t start and her OB wouldn’t do the procedure. While it’s considered an emergency procedure, abortion is illegal in Idaho, so he didn’t want to take the chance.

Susan eventually doesn’t make it, unfortunately. Addison and Bailey did everything they could, but they didn’t have the right tools and emergency services couldn’t get there quickly enough. The reversal of Roe v. Wade proves to be a strong topic this season. And I’m glad that the show’s committing to doing more than just talking about it in one episode. I think this storyline has the potential to be great, but I want there to be some kind of happier and hopeful conclusion to it. I swear every time they bring Addison back on the show now, she’s always sad at the end. The last shot of her and Bailey looking into the “OR on wheels” is a little more hopeful, but still.

Final Thoughts

Still of Addison (played by Kate Walsh) walking past pro-life protesters from Grey's Anatomy 19x05

Overall, I’m glad to say I liked the episode. After Addison’s episodes from last season, I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about these new ones. But, so far, they haven’t disappointed me. Even more than that, we got more mentions of Henry! And even though Addison never said his name, she did talk to Jake on the phone. I also want to see more of Addison and Lucas because they did interact before. And their one small scene didn’t tell us all that much about their relationship other than the fact that they know each other. But who even knows if or when we’ll see Addison next? Kate signed on as a recurring role, but they never said how many episodes she’ll be in this season. But I’m guessing it’ll be a while before we see her again with Addison leaving to drive around the country to help clinics like the one they went to in Pullman.

As for Lucas, I can only imagine how the interns will actually find out the truth about him being a Shepherd. It doesn’t seem like he’s intending to tell them anytime soon, so Amelia might have to make do on her threat and tell them herself. Then, there’s Meredith, who’s clearly gearing up to leave to take Zola to this new school in Boston. We knew going into this season that Ellen Pompeo (Meredith) would have a significantly reduced role. Now, we know how that’s going to go down in the show.

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